Glass Railing System
Architectural Railing System

Glass Railing System

Architectural Railing System NYC & Glass Railing Installation New York

The use of architectural glass railing system in New York City is reasonable and effective.

The safety of your customers and employees has to be the most important thing for any business. When you’ve got an area where people could potentially fall off of an edge it is a requirement that you add in a architectural railing system to prevent accidents. Fortunately, you can use great looking glass railing systems which are not only among the safest options available, but also look great!

At Prime Glass we can design a custom look and provide railing installation for your architectural railing systems to be used in virtually any area. Some of the most common places where these architectural railings are used along stairs to provide additional balance, near swimming pools, on verandas and just about anywhere else where someone could accidentally fall. While the primary reason to put these up is safety, they will also add an excellent look to your business or commercial real estate.

Most people in New York City agree that architectural glass railing systems are a much more attractive option when compared to wooden railings or even wrought iron railings. This is because in addition to providing the same level of safety, they also allow people to see right through them to the area below. This is a big advantage because in many situations you don’t want an obstructed view.

When choosing your architectural glass railing system you’ll have a lot of different options available to you. Each option provides a slightly different look and feel so take a moment to consider each of these different options, and which one you think would look best for your business.

  • Aluminum or Stainless Steel Supports – The structure that gives your railing system strength will also add beauty to the entire system.
  • 3/8” – 1” Glass – Whether it is thinner or thicker you’ll get the same great look and feel. The thicker the glass, however, the stronger it will be.
  • Tempered or laminated safety glass – Depending on the place where this will be installed you’ll want to choose what type of safety glass to use.
  • Framed in or Frameless – Framed safety rails will give you a nice completed look while frameless has a modern feel which many people love.
  • Caped or Topless – Add on a decorative cap to change the look and feel, or leave it topless so you can see everything through the glass.
  • Clear glass or a colored option – Choose whether you want traditional glass or add in a color to make a bright and fun atmosphere.
  • Interior or Exterior – Depending on the location where the railing system is you’ll have a variety of different options available.
  • Glass Windscreens – To slow down or stop the wind from causing problems these glass windscreens are an excellent option.
  • Home or Office – Glass railing systems are perfect for both the home and the office.

When you order your glass railing system from us we will guarantee your satisfaction. We can install these systems throughout the Brooklyn and New York City area, and are available to perform glass railing installations right away. In addition, we offer glass railing installations, window replacement or window repair for both the railing systems we install and on existing systems as well.

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