Custom Shower Door NYC

May 31, 2013
Prime Glass has been helping customers with all types of glasswork for many years. One of the most popular options has always been the custom shower door NYC. When remodeling a bathroom it is important to focus on the shower area, because that is not only going to draw the most attention, but it also has some of the best options available. Using a glass shower door, custom made and installed by our team of experts is going to give you a beautiful bathroom which you can be proud of.

Whether you're looking to have a traditional clear glass shower door, something which includes colors or any other options, we can help design it for you. Our team of experts knows which types of materials look best in which areas, and we can create a beautiful custom shower door in NYC that you will love for years. Most of our customers today are looking for a modern look that will stay in style for decades to come, and that's just what you'll get with a high-quality glass shower door.

Custom Shower Door NYC | The Benefits of Glass for Brooklyn, NYC

When people come to us to do a bathroom remodel they often ask about the benefits of a custom shower door in NYC. They might be used to a traditional shower curtain, and want to know whether or not the glass door is worth the extra investment. There are many great reasons to choose a glass shower door, including the following:
  • Water-Proof – No matter how hard you try, keeping all the water in the shower is difficult with a traditional curtain. A custom shower door in NYC will ensure all the water stays where it belongs, keeping you safer and preventing water damage.
  • Increased Value – Glass shower doors will help raise the value of your home in Brooklyn, NY and other areas.
  • Great Looks – A shower door looks much nicer than a curtain. When guests are visiting, they will appreciate the way it looks.
  • Ease of Use – You never have to worry about whether the curtain is properly placed. You simply open and close the custom shower door in NYC.
  • Easier Cleaning – Shower curtains often get dirty and even moldy over time. They are almost impossible to clean, and will need to be replaced. A shower door, however, cleans up quickly and easily with any glass cleaner.

Custom Shower Door NYC | Professional Installation

Once you've chosen your custom shower door in NYC, our experienced installation team will come out and install it in your bathroom. This is one of the most important parts of the entire process, which is why we use only highly trained and experienced individuals. When they are done, you will be impressed at how great your bathroom and especially your new shower door looks.
If you're thinking about getting a custom shower door in NYC or Brooklyn, call 718-266-2653 to talk with one of our design specialists. We'll answer any questions and help ensure you get exactly what you're looking for.


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