Frameless Shower Door NYC

Jun 10, 2013
Frameless shower doors NYC are becoming extremely popular. They offer a beautiful, modern look along with excellent functionality. When you work with Prime Glass, we'll help you choose the perfect shower door, and install it professionally. We have dozens of different designs and options for your shower door, so you can have the beautiful glass shower door you have always wanted. With options ranging from traditional glass to clouded options and even stained glass, we have something which will meet the needs of every customer.
What really sets the frameless shower doors in NYC apart from other options is the fact that they look cleaner and more modern. They don't have all the supporting hardware throughout the door, which many people don't like. Of course, you won't be sacrificing on the quality just to eliminate the frame. This is because our professionals will install the door so that it will last for years to come. All the support which traditional went to the frame is now made of the same high-quality glass so everything looks perfect.

Frameless Shower Door NYC | Privacy Options for Everyone in Brooklyn, NY

When people hear about glass shower doors, they often wonder about privacy. While it is true that people don't typically walk in and out of the bathroom while someone is in the shower, it is still a valid concern for some people. There is no need to worry, however, because our frameless shower doors in NYC come in all different styles. Those who like the traditional glass will have plenty of options to choose from. People who want something which won't let others see through the shower door will have many choices too.

When it comes to adding privacy to a frameless shower door in NYC, you can choose from clouded glass, colored glass or other custom options. The vast majority of our shower door styles can be installed using whatever type of glass you would like. This gives you the flexibility to have the beauty of a high-quality glass shower door in Brooklyn, NY (or anywhere else in the area) while still getting the right level of privacy for your comfort.

Frameless Shower Door NYC | Safety & Long Lasting Doors

When you purchase a frameless shower door in NYC from Prime Glass, you'll also get the professional installation you need. We'll make sure the door is installed properly so you don't have to worry about a thing. This will help ensure you have a beautiful shower for years to come, and since we use the highest-quality tempered glass, you don't need to be concerned about it breaking with normal use.

If you have any questions about a frameless shower door in NYC, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 718-266-2653. One of our professional installers or designers will be happy to discuss all your options, and answer all your questions. Once you've picked the right shower door for you, we'll schedule a time to get it professionally installed so you can enjoy as soon as possible.


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