How to Clean a Glass Partition

Aug 28, 2014

If you have a glass partition in your office or other work area, you will want to make sure it is kept as clean as possible. This will help it to look great and avoid a variety of problems that could come up if it is neglected. Fortunately, cleaning glass partitions is typically quite simple and something most maintenance teams can handle with the cleaning products they already have for cleaning the rest of the property.

Even if you don’t employ a cleaning staff, you can still keep the partition looking like new with just a little bit of work. For most glass partitions in NYC and Brooklyn, there are two main areas that you have to clean. The first, and largest, is the glass itself. The other part is the grout or other sealant that is used. The grout may be used in between pieces of glass, or there may be some type of sealant where it goes into the ground.

Cleaning the Glass

When cleaning a glass partition in New York, you will basically be working with a normal glass cleaning product and some paper towels. You can also use newspaper or a squeegee if you prefer, they should all work well. The important thing is that you start from the very top and work your way down. This will avoid streaks and causing already cleaned areas to get dirty again.
In most cases, the surface area will be larger than any typical window, so just take your time and work your way down the partition in sections. As you complete an area, move down and start the process again. Make sure you wipe all the cleaning product off and pay special attention to oily fingerprints since they will often show.

Cleaning the Grout or Sealer

If your glass partition has grout or sealant in it, you will want to take some special care to properly clean them. Most of the time this area will just get cleaned when you are cleaning the rest of the glass. At least a couple times per year, however, you will want to take your time and go over it with a special grout or sealant cleaner (available at any hardware store). Polish it in really well with either a cloth or a toothbrush. Once done, wash it away with a glass cleaner and it will look like new again.

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