How to use Mirrors in Home or Office Decor

Feb 11, 2014

When people are thinking of different decorating ideas for their home or office they often think about painting, or pictures or even little nick-knacks. One thing that is often overlooked for most rooms, however, is a mirror. This is truly unfortunate because mirrors are one of the most versatile decorative items, and they can be as functional as they are good looking. It is even better when you are able to get custom mirrors in New York.
Read on to hear about some of the creative and interesting ways that you can use a custom mirror in your New York home or office. We specialize in making high quality mirrors, and serve the entire New York, Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island and Queens area. Our expert designers and fabricators will help create the ideal mirror for your specific needs.

Uses for Mirrors

Read through the following ways you can use mirrors as well as many of the benefits of using mirrors in your decorating choices. You may be surprised at just how you can use them to improve your environment.

  • Expanding Small Rooms – One of the greatest things about mirrors is that they can make rooms appear bigger than they are. Putting even a small mirror on the wall, for example, will give the illusion of much greater size. Using larger mirrors can give an even more dramatic effect.
  • Lightening the Room – Another benefit of using mirrors in your decorating is that they will reflect the light back into the room. This means even if you only have a limited number of lamps or windows, your room will look brighter and more welcoming.
  • Combine them with Candles – Consider putting a small mirror behind an elegant candle stand for a dramatic effect. This will give the appearance of more candles and really give the room some personality.
  • Place with Pictures – Placing a mirror near pictures is a great way to give the area a much more personal feel. This is nice for office environments where you want to have an elegant look but you also want a little variety.
  • Get Creative with Corners – You can often use mirrors to expose what is happening around a corner. This can be a great safety perk in many offices, but can also give you the opportunity to create something of an illusion in your home. Think of different ways to use this to your decorating advantage.

Take some time to look around your home and see where you may be able to use mirrors as decorations. Remember, you aren’t stuck using the mirrors you find at a store. Our expert craftsman can create custom mirrors in New York for any need you have.

We can make them ultra-modern or have them appear to be antiques. We can make them virtually any shape or size, and even add any type of framing around them. You’ll love all the different options you have available, so make sure you put them to good use when decorating your home or office.


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