Top 5 Tips for Marketing with your New York Storefront

Apr 22, 2014

Running a business in New York or any large city can be very difficult. The competition is always going to be quite stiff, and many people who are walking or driving past your store will be focused on other things. If you could attract the attention of even a small percentage of these people, however, you could drive a significant amount of traffic into your store so they can become customers. If you have a glass storefront in NYC or any other area, you can turn this into a great marketing or advertising platform that you have complete control over.
If you don’t yet have a custom glass storefront, you may want to have one made. They are more affordable than many people think, and they can provide many benefits including beauty, security and (as we’ll see here) marketing options. The Prime Glass has been helping people build glass storefronts in New York City, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, Bronx and the surrounding area for years. If you’re interested in getting a quote for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Storefront Marketing Tips

The following are the five great ways that you can use your glass storefront to attract customers. Of course, some of them will apply to certain types of businesses than others, but the main thing to take away from these ideas is that no matter what business you operate, you should be harnessing the power of your storefront to boost sales.

  1. Display Products – This may not seem like anything new or out of the ordinary, but a surprising number of business owners never do this. Showing off exactly what you have to sell is a great way to draw in customers and make sure they know the products you have to offer.
  2. Entertain Them – Most people who are walking or driving by your storefront are in something of a trance thinking about work, family, or wherever they are going. Try to offer something interesting and entertaining in order to ‘break them out of it.’ If you can get them to turn their heads for just a moment, you have a chance at bringing them in. Think of fun and creative ways to get their attention.
  3. Storefront Contests – Consider running a contest of some type in your storefront window. People love the chance to win things, and they also love watching any type of contest. This could be a simple drawing, an eating contest, arm-wrestling, beauty, trivia or just about anything else you can imagine. Try to match the contents to the type of business you own. Remember, the prize can come right from your inventory to save money!
  4. Light Shows – If you’re open in the evenings, consider setting up simple light shows to attract attention. Lasers and other similar things are very affordable these days and you can set up an interesting show that people will love very quickly.
  5. Quote of the Day – Use your storefront to display a ‘quote of the day.’ The quote can be one from ancient philosophers, modern commentators or just about anything else. Find out what types of things your target audience is interested in and hook them in with fun quotes on the topic.

These are just five quick and easy ideas you can use on your glass storefront in NYC. You can come up with dozens of other ideas that will help you to get the attention of all the potential customers who walk or drive by your shop every day.


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