Window Replacement New York

Jul 10, 2013
Damaged or broken windows look terrible, and can even be dangerous. Whether it was caused by a baseball from neighborhood kids or an angry bird, knowing where to go for window replacement NYC is important for anyone who owns a home or business. Prime Glass has been helping individuals and companies with all types of window replacement and repair throughout NYC and Brooklyn, NY for years. We offer professional replacement and installation of all types of windows whether they are on the ground floor, or dozens of stories up in the air.

Our experienced professionals know how to safely replace a window in virtually any situation. Removing the broken glass properly is essential for keeping everyone in the surrounding area safe. If, for example, there is a crack in a window on the second floor, it could shatter if it is not removed properly. Our installation professionals will carefully remove the old glass and secure it so the people below aren't in any risk. They will then begin the process of window replacement in New York to restore the great look and safety it had before the original window was damaged.

Window Replacement New York | Providing Service to NYC, Brooklyn and the Surrounding Area

No matter where you are in the New York City, Brooklyn, NY or the surrounding area, we can help you with professional window replacement. We can bring the replacement glass to your site so the entire process will be as simple as possible. If you need the entire window replaced, including the frame, we can help with that as well. We'll bring all the tools, equipment and parts necessary right to your home or business so we can replace the window properly. When our professional installers have finished, you'll never even know the window was broken.

Window Replacement NYC | Replacing Support Glass

In many buildings the windows are far more than just a great way to let in the sun. They are required for the support of the building, and to keep people safely inside (not to mention keeping the high wind and debris out). In order to perform this type of window replacement in NYC, you need to work with a professional. Prime Glass has been serving the area for years, and has built a reputation for being able to safely replace this critical type of glass.

In many cases, this type of glass will get damaged over time rather than being cracked or shattered. The result is glass that looks bad, but is still safe for the building. When this is the case, we can come out and perform the window replacement in NYC, or attempt to fix the existing window. In many cases we can apply protective coatings or other substances to restore the glass to the way it should look, and saving you money. In the even the glass does need to be replaced, however, we are happy to help with that as well.

No matter what type of window you have, we can get it replaced quickly and easily. We'll work hard to ensure your home or business is back looking like it should, and keeping you safe from danger. If you have any questions about window replacement in NYC, or you want to schedule a replacement, just give us a call at 718-266-2653 to speak with one of our window professionals.


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